Thursday, September 6, 2012

Mark Your Calendars, The Walking Dead is Coming Back

Criminals are everywhere these days—does a week ever go by without someone we know telling us they were held up, threatened and / or robbed while trying to eat or get a ride home? It’s scary out there and it doesn’t help walking around with the feeling that not enough is being done to address the alarming situation. More and more people seem to think it is perfectly OK and all in a days work to hurt, attack, threaten and in some cases even end the lives of their fellowmen in exchange for their gadgets. What have we done to ourselves?

No wonder we love zombies—they make us shift our priorities a little. Criminals in a world where it seems police (who may be crooked themselves) have to struggle to take them down make us all feel so helpless. Bring out the zombies and suddenly, we feel empowered—suddenly having the license to take out that ax, saw, shotgun, bolo.

In less than 10 weeks, one of the world’s favorite TV shows, “The Walking Dead” will begin its third season. According to Fox International Channels
The show “will begin its international rollout on Monday October 15” (within a few hours of its October 14 debut on AMC in the US). The Philippines is one of the 122 countries in the international rollout, providing what I imagine to be a decent chunk of the show’s 200 million international viewers.

It was all madness and chaos when we left our bedraggled and besieged bunch of survivors. They are back on the run with Andrea lost and on her own in the melee that wrapped up season 2. Of course the set up is all ready for two new important characters—sword-wielding warrior Michonne (Danai Gurira) with her two zombie “pets” and the mysterious and menacing “Governor” played by British actor David Morrissey (who I remember best from an episode of Dr. Who, “The Next Doctor.”)

For those who have seen the season three trailer, you all know about the return of Merle—Daryl Dixon’s brother. Just when our favorite redneck Daryl was beginning to resolve all his sibling issues. How Merle got out of that shackled situation in season one, maybe we’ll find out. Oh Daryl, I wish I could have your back on this one.

The fear of zombies is apparently something we can face. As a dear friend of mine would tell her children: “Huwag na kayo matakot sa multo’t aswang, sa tao kayo matakot.” (Don’t be afraid of monsters, be afraid of people.)

In the meantime, we’ve seriously got to figure out a solution to the meanness in our streets.

Photo by Karen Kunawicz, San Diego Comic Con 2012

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